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  1. HP ENVY TE02-0001naBundle DT PC


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Walton's one-stop IT shop, offering great customer savings, service and products, whilst reducing environmental damage.
We are able to save you up to 60% on ink and toner by refilling & remanufacturing your existing cartridges.
In addition to our cartridge refilling we provide a wider range of services such as PC repair, printing and data recovery.
We have a zero to landfill policy on all electrical items and print consumables, provided in store, free of charge.

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  • Cyber Security Myths

    Image portraying hacking

    In this post we aim to shed some light on some of the most common myths and misunderstandings concerning cyber security, including your passwords. We've seen many different view points and opinions, some often stated as fact, but some of these ideas lead to you being less secure than if you carried on as you were before. Sometimes these comes from your friends and family, other times from "experts" who have been misled by the sheer volume of information available to us in the digital age.
    Some of these myths could be seen as harmless and may even give incidental protection, but others can give you a false sense of security and actively weaken your privacy and security. I have even seen some of these become company policy because they are so widespread.

    I've heard some of these myths so many times, and was even led to believe them until I became more interested in cyber security a few years ago. This post...

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  • How is the used electricals market staying relevant?
    We recently did an interview with Retail Gazette about how the used electrical market is staying relevant.
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  • Windows 11: What we know so far...

    Last month Microsoft revealed Windows 11, in what was described as “a major milestone in the history of Windows” by CEO Satya Nadella. Windows was described as being the last version of windows when it was launched in 2015, so what has changed?

    There are many early reports, so we have gathered the information in this article, but as a warning any and all these details may changed by the final release of Windows 11.

    Windows 11 will allow Android apps to run within Windows. These apps however, will not be through the Google Play Store, but through the Amazon Appstore with downloads available through the Microsoft Store. These apps will function just like native Windows apps and can be pinned the the taskbar, snapped and resized. Microsoft will be using Intel's Bridge technology to make this integration possible.

    Microsoft is also planning further integration with its own apps like Microsoft Teams and Xbox Game Pass. The Teams integration will allow for chat flyouts fro...

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