1. How do we refill a cartridge without your empty?

    Cartridge Recycling Loop

    Since closing the shop, we've been asked the same question a number of times, "How do I get my cartridge to you for refilling?". The answer is, we don't need your empty cartridge anymore. We understand this can be a little confusing, so here is how it all works.

    You may remember that in our shop we had a wall of refilled cartridges all boxed up and ready to go. These are the refilled cartridges we sell now. They are refilled, recycled cartridges from a supplier we know and we trust their product. These are good quality, refills that are still far more environmentally friendly than buying new cartridges made from virgin plastic.

    So, in answer to the question, we don’t personally refill your cartridge, our supplier does this, but the process is the same just on a larger scale – drop your old cartridges off at a recycling point (see below for more details) and these are sent to companies who refill and recycle them – they are then supplied to us to sell to you...

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  2. Cyber Security Myths

    Cyber Myths
    In this post we aim to shed some light on some of the most common myths and misunderstandings concerning cyber security, including your passwords. We've seen many different view points and opinions, some often stated as fact, but some of these ideas lead to you being less secure than if you carried on as you were before. Sometimes these comes from your friends and family, other times from "experts" who have been misled by the sheer volume of information available to us in the digital age...
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  3. How is the used electricals market staying relevant?

    We recently did an interview with Retail Gazette about how the used electrical market is staying relevant...

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  4. Windows 11: What we know so far...

    Windows 11 Hero

    Last month Microsoft revealed Windows 11, in what was described as “a major milestone in the history of Windows” by CEO Satya Nadella. Windows was described as being the last version of windows when it was launched in 2015, so what has changed?

    There are many early reports, so we have gathered the information in this article, but as a warning any and all these details may changed by the final release of Windows 11.

    Windows 11 will allow Android apps to run within Windows. These apps however, will not be through the Google Play Store, but through the Amazon Appstore with downloads available through the Microsoft Store. These apps will function just like native Windows apps and can be pinned the the taskbar, snapped and resized. Microsoft will be using Intel's Bridge technology to make this integration possible...

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  5. Understanding Firmware & Printer Upgrades

    Firmware is the “mind” of a printer. It is software within the printer that tells it what to do. Printer manufacturers occasionally issue firmware updates that improve performance and expand compatibility for various software and operating system upgrades, but sometimes, it is used as a weapon against the aftermarket...

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  6. Being green in a world full of technology

    I'm sure most of you are aware of the environmental impacts that technology has had on the world, but are you aware of the finer detail...

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  7. Will it void my warranty?

    One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is whether our cartridges will void a printer manufacturer’s warranty...

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  8. Why is my computer fan so loud?

    When your computer is under load – due to, say, playing a game or running video editing software – the components inside have to work harder than usual, which causes them to produce more heat...

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  9. Dynamic Security Feature Affecting Cartridges Using Non-HP Security Chip

    Yesterday customers using HP 934/950/970 cartridges using non-HP chips started seeing a "cartridge problem" message on their printers. This is not a problem with the non-HP chips but the Dynamic Security Feature on the HP printers listed below (this does not apply to any printers that aren't listed)


    Product series

    OfficeJet Pro 6230 series
    OfficeJet 6810, 6820 series
    OfficeJet Pro 6830 series
    OfficeJet Pro 8610, 8620, 8630, 8640, 8660 series
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  10. How to design print ready artwork

    In this guide we will explain how to create print ready artwork for the printed products we sell on our Print Shop.


    The first thing we are going to cover is bleed. Most of our products need either a 3mm or 5mm bleed (with the exception of double sided banners which need 10mm).

    What is bleed?

    Bleed is the term used for ink that extends past the edge of the page. When graphics continue to the edge of a sheet of paper bleed is required. This is because a commercial printing press cannot print to the edge of a sheet of paper. Instead multiple products are printed on much larger sheets of paper and then cut down to size. On any press/guillotine, there will always be a small amount of movement when a job is printed and cut. If your artwork is only the exact size of the page, you may see a fine white line at the very edge when the page is trimmed. To prevent...

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