One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is whether our cartridges will void a printer manufacturer’s warranty. The answer is NO – it will not!

A printer’s warranty is a contract between the printer manufacturer and you. It promises to take care of any covered repairs during a predefined time period, provided that you maintain the printer. But like any contract, it can be broken if you fail to follow the instructions provided by the printer’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM), so it is important to know what circumstances can void your printer’s warranty.

Use of aftermarket cartridges will not void the OEM's warranty as long as the aftermarket part does not damage the printer.

Our cartridges will not damage your printer. Our cartridges are guaranteed not to cause damage or abnormal wear in any printer for which the cartridge was originally designed.

We guarantee our cartridges will be defect-free in both workmanship and materials for one year from the date of purchase for our inkjet cartridges and three years for our laser cartridges.

It’s long been a myth in the printing industry that using an aftermarket cartridge will void a printer’s warranty. This simply is not true.

A printer manufacturer cannot take away a user’s right to use the cartridge of their choice, however if the manufacturer or an independent engineer can prove an aftermarket cartridge caused the fault the warranty will not cover the repair/replacement. If the fault is in no way related to the cartridge the warranty will still be valid.