1. Do you deliver outside of the UK?

No, unfortunately we only deliver to UK addresses

2. What are you're delivery prices?

Please see our delivery information page for pricing and timescales

3. I have ordered the wrong cartridges, what do i do?

If the error was caused by a mistake in our information we will accept them for a return/replacement or refund. If you ordered the incorrect cartridges for any other reason may still be able to help. Please contact us for further advice.

4. I am ordering for my business/charity/school, do you offer discounts or credit terms?

On certain items we can offer discounts, but sadly not all items. Please contact us with what you would like to purchase and we can respond with a discounted quote.
We can consider credit terms after you have placed 3 orders with us. If you have already placed 3 or more orders with us, either online or in store please contact us and provide your company name, registered address and VAT number (if applicable). If necessary we may ask for further information

5. What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours are:
Monday - Friday: 09:30 - 17:00
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED


1. Will using a refilled/remanufactured cartridge void my printer warranty?

No. In the United Kingdom (UK), no company can sell a product and then force the customer to buy further products from them in order to ensure their warranty remains valid. If the manufacturer can prove that a non-OEM cartridge caused the fault they can refuse to repair/replace the printer under the warranty.

2. Is it worth refilling ink/toner cartridges?

Yes. There are 2 main benefits to refilling printer cartridges. The first is the cost. The cost of a refilled cartridges is a lot lower than an original cartridge, sometimes over 60% cheaper. The second is the environmental aspect. By choosing to buy a refilled cartridge (and recycling your old cartridge) you are stopping the cartridge going to landfill and reducing the amount of new cartridges being made.

3. My cartridge says its used/counterfeit. Is this normal?

"Empty", "Low Ink", "Out of Ink", "? Marks", "Counterfeit" and "Non-Genuine Cartridge" alerts are completely normal on some printers. The cartridge is remanufactured and is not counterfeit. Some printers will write empty to a cartridge. Upon installation the printer has detected the cartridge has been previously used by reading the data stored on the microchip on the cartridge. This remanufactured cartridge has gone through rigorous inspection, cleaning and refilling processes to produce a quality alternative branded product.
Other printers read the information from a replaceable/resettable chip, if you get this type of message on one of these cartridges please contact us as you may have a faulty chip.

NOTE: If one of these messages, or similar messages, cannot be bypassed then the cartridge may be suffering from an electrical fault and may need to be replaced. First remove and thoroughly clean the cartridges electrical contacts and the printer contacts with damp kitchen towel and retest (always turn your printer off and let completely dry before turning on again). If the problem persists then return the cartridge to us for testing/replacement.

4. My cartridge shows low or empty, what should i do?

This message is normal for many refilled cartridges. Cartridges work on a page counter, not by how much ink is inside. When this counter reaches zero, it is not possible to reset this on some cartridges. On some Canon printers it may pop up with a message and refuse to print. When this happens hold down the red cancel/stop/reset button for 5 seconds, this will clear this message and carry on printing. On HP and some other brand of printers you just need to press OK and carry on printing.

5. I have an error, whats wrong?

You may observe error messages such as "incompatible cartridge", "print cartridges error", "cartridge missing or not detected", "refer to documentation", "cartridge in left/right slot is missing", etc. In addition, the power light may be blinking while the error message is displayed. The electrical contacts on the cartridge may have worn out or the contacts on the printer may be dirty. Try cleaning the contacts on both the cartridge and the printer. If you still receive an error message please contact us stating the error message you receive or return the cartridge to us for testing/replacement.

6. I have lines in my printout, or bands of colour missing, Why?

ou may have air trapped inside the cartridge (we do everything we can to avoid this) or you may have a dirty/blocked printhead. Your cartridge may have ran out. If you are sure your cartridge has not ran out and the printhead is built into the cartridge try wiping the bottom with a damp bit of kitchen towel to help draw the ink out and to clean the head. If this doesn't work please bring your cartridge back to store.
If you have a ink tank style of cartridge trying doing a printhead clean on your printer. If this doesn't improve please bring your printer to us so we can try a printhead clean for you.

7. I have installed a remanufactured/compatible cartridge and the screen states "Non-OEM (HP/Epson/Canon) Ink Cartridge Installed".

When a replacement chip is used on a cartridge it is no longer an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) chip, for legal reasons the chip manufacturer has to show a message to the consumer to this effect in case they have been sold a cartridge as an OEM cartridge. You can press "OK" to continue.

8. Is a remanufactured cartridge inferior to a new one?

There is no difference in print quality and page yield (sometimes a page yield is in fact higher) with a properly remanufactured cartridge. Every range of alternative cartridge from us will match or exceed the performance of a new OEM cartridge.

9. Am i really helping the environment by using a remanufactured cartridge?

Yes. Each discarded cartridge adds to landfill if not properly disposed of. This waste can take hundreds, if not thousands of years to decompose. It is estimated that 500 million cartridges are produced each year. If each one of these cartridges was remanufactured that could save around four million cubic feet of landfill space.

10. What does the remanufacturing process involve?

Each cartridge is taken apart and inspected. Key components are replaced and other parts are cleaned. Cartridge specific toner/ink is used to refill and then each cartridge rebuilt and tested.

11. Can any cartridge be refilled?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is potentially. The design of some cartridges means they cannot be refilled to perform as good or as long as the originals. Some cartridges require a page counter chip in order to function, the original chip needs to be decrypted and reverse engineered, before replacements can be produced, or a chip resetter can be produced. A replacement ink needs to be produced, again by reverse engineering the OEM ink. While the refilling/remanufacturing industry tries to come up with ways to refill as many cartridges as possible, sometimes a compatible option is the best alternative. This could be due to pricing, inability to produce a reliable chip/resetter or ink, to have a page yield as high as the original or to prevent leaking.

12. Where can ink/toner cartridges be recycled?

There are many places that printer cartridges can be recycled. Some will only take ink cartridges, some will only take toner cartridges and some will take both. To find your nearest recycling point please see the Recycle Now website. In addition to this list, many supermarkets will take ink cartridges as well as electrical (ones that sell cartridges for definite) retailers due to the UK WEEE law. If you would like help finding your nearest recycling location please contact us and we'll do our best to help.


1. Do you offer any design services?

No. We don't not offer design services anymore. We can give advise on how to setup artwork and offer technical support as well as a free digital proofing service but cannot do full design work.

2. What printing services do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of printed products such as flyer and leaflet printing, business card printing, poster printing and banner printing. We currently offer over 5 million different product combinations so if you would like to get a quote or find out more information please contact us or email [email protected]

3. How long will it take?

This depends on the job. We can give you the timescale once we know what you require. Most jobs are completed in 2-4 working days. All turnaround times we quote are estimated