Computer & Printer Repair

Is your computer freezing or have you noticed a slow down? Have you noticed a hardware problem? We know how frustrating this can be, so why not bring it to us for a professional and fast service.
We complete all our computer, laptop, tablet and printer repairs in house. We can complete repairs on all leading manufacturers and if parts are needed we can order these on a next day service in most cases. Prices for repairs start from £50 +VAT and we have a no fix, no fee policy. If your repair will cost more than our minimum/diagnostic fee of £50 +VAT we will contact you for approval before going ahead with the work.

Computer Repair

We deal with all issues of pc repair, whether its hardware failure, malware/virus infection, file corruption or you just need a general service. Bring your device to us in Walton-on-Thames and we can provide a detailed analysis of the problem and get you back up and running as soon as possible

Hardware Failure

If we diagnose that the problem is a hardware failure, we will advise and repair wherever possible. Sometimes, however, repairs of this nature may be non-economical and in such cases we have a number of data recovery solutions in order to rescue your valuable data, which we can transfer to a new machine if required

One of our most common hardware repairs is a broken or cracked screen. Again, we can source screens for all leading manufacturers, which come with a 1 year warranty (excludes mishandling, user error or normal wear and tear)

As well as the components we also have trusted suppliers for accessories including replacement chargers and batteries. We do not sell multi tip universal chargers due to some problems that can occur

Malware/Virus Infection

Has your computer been infected with malware or a virus? We are trained in some of the most advanced removal tools available. Once diagnosed, we have access to software specifically for the infection on your system. Many infections can regenerate upon rebooting, so we always check this to ensure your machine is completely clean before returning it to you. When completing this sort of work, the customer's data is our top priority. If the machine has been targeted with the latest ransomware, however, it may not be possible to save everything because of the way the data has been encrypted. We always recommend having a back up of data and we can offer friendly advice on the best back up solutions (Our suggestion is Macrium Reflect which we are able to supply) for you as well as our recommended Internet Security software Emsisoft


We recommend your computer is serviced annually. When we perform a service on your machine we will remove all temporary files generated by Windows and other installed software, we will defragment the hard drive (not needed if you have an Solid State Drive installed), we will make sure the operating system and any software is up to date (where possible) and we will clean out any build up of dust from inside the machine. We will also point out any issues we find and any suggestions we have such as upgrading the RAM, HDD to SDD etc. If you choose to progress with any of our findings/suggestions these will be priced in addition to the service

Business IT Support

In addition to the above services, we can also help with business IT support. We can maintain an existing system or develop a new system. Having regular maintenance on your IT system it reduces the chance of issues in the future. We can create an IT support package to suit your requirements and budget. If you need regular or ad-hoc on-site support please get in touch or view our dedicated Business IT Support page for further info and/or a quote.

Printer Repair

We can diagnose problems and repair both inkjet and laser printers of all leading manufacturers. Usually this is done by ourselves in house, however, we also work with one of the only authorised Canon repair centres in the country to ensure the best possible Canon repairs, even if your printer is out of warranty. It is not always economical to repair lower cost printers, and we will always advise you if this is case before completing any work. We have a range of printers to suit most home office needs on sale in store and many more in our online shop

Printhead Cleaning

Having a blocked printhead is one of the most common causes of a poor quality print/nothing coming out on the page. Often a printhead clean is all that is needed but occasionally the printhead will need replacing. We will happily take a look and advise which option you need. Printhead cleaning is charged at £12.50 + VAT. Epson printheads may require disassembly of the machine which is charged at £25 + VAT, however will will advise before hand if this is needed

Error Messages

If your printer is showing an error message, try and take note of the message, code or number of light flashes your printer displays before bringing it to us. This will help us to quickly and accurately diagnose the problem. Without the correct information a correct diagnosis may not be possible